No Doubt you have heard the term “Bitcoin” before over the past months we have seen the increase and decrease in the currencies like never before it got to a massive amount of $19,000+ and by the end of the year, it got down to like $9,000 which is also a huge amount.

Bitcoin’s Value

It’s valued shifted unpredictably over the months, but it will be recovered by this Year,

It is worth $14,611.05 as of 12 January 2018 according to Coingecko exchange. Which is not stable at all.

However, it’s marketers say that it drops more soon

Its value is down more than 19 percent from December 2017, While it’s 2016 and today’s value is incomparable.

The cryptocurrency’s value plummeted ahead of Christmas, dropping by almost $1,783 in just an hour at one point, and almost slipping below the $11,000 mark.

People are still into this Business and those who know what to do at timing they can earn huge profits, the rise of BTC has also shown an increase in other cryptocurrencies, such as stellar, Ethereum and Ripple.

There are People (Wall Street) that say Bitcoin is a bubble that can burst any moment and can lead serious injuries to your balance.

On the other side, people are speculating that it can keep rising and could go to the $1m mark in near future.

Bitcoin is only on the Internet you can’t touch it and you can see it either, which make cybercriminal to target the owners. That’s the reason you should choose the safe website to buy bitcoin from look for their SSL certificate (https before URL) and if buying from app look for ratings and downloads.

While we can’t stay that you will definitely make money out of it, It is a thing that can bring changes in someone’s life like think 4 years ago when Bitcoin was not even considered payment method and now Website’s like Amazon is working on it to make a payment gateway. Things are changing with this and we are close to the world where Notes and Paper do not exist.

Other Countries on Bitcoin

South Korea has confirmed that it has no plans to ban cryptocurrency trading in short-term. It’s a huge deal for traders as they can freely trade without the fear of their government.

While the 3rd richest person Warren Buffet’s said that the Bitcoin will have a “bad ending” this statement also affected the price of cryptocurrencies.




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