5 Facts about Doraemon that you didn’t knew about

1. Doraemon’s Birth Story

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Doraemon is told that when the original author Fujiko F. Fujio got a walk struggling with the idea, he found a cat, and that day he stumbled across the stairs of the house at the staircase of the house and stood up on the spill I will.

A cat and a dharma doll joined together, and Doraemon was born.

2. The secret of the name of Doraemon

Source: https://doraemon.mangawiki.org

There is an episode that Hiragana (Language) only part of Doraemon ‘s “Hiragana” cannot be written in katakana when asked the name of the robot family register researcher.

There is also an episode of using katakana without writing hiragana “Dora” when writing the name of the delivered item.

Doraemon did not know Hiragana well, so it seems that Dora is a katakana and Eemon is a hiragana and it is an obscure name.

3. Doraemon’s original paint color is yellow

Doraemon’s actual color when he was born was yellow like her sister dorami the episode 1  of Doraemon shows the yellow color of Doremon.

4. Reason why Doraemon is blue

Source: https://doraemon.mangawiki.org

I also learned that the reason why the body is blue varies from generation to generation. What Doraemon does not like rats is a famous story.

Why is blue, the newest current setting, when you see yourself lost his ears caught by a mouse, the shock was too big, as the result of continuing crying for 3 days, the plating was peeled off It is getting.

Until then it was supposed to be because it was too shocking when I looked at the figure after being caught by the rat by his ears, so the “yellow plated peeled” theory is the newest setting I can say that.

Doraemon, which changes delicately according to the times, is blue, so it may be possible to understand the generation.

However, the real reason the body is blue is that when I started the serialization, I used yellow for the background and red for the title letters, so it seemed to be blue, thinking about balance. Today, Doraemon is blue, but it is firmly established.

By the way, do you know that my sister’s Dorami Ear is ribbon-shaped? The reason is that Doraemon without ears is not hurt by seeing the sister’s ears. It was thought that it was not shocked. It is a gentle doctor’s spirit.

5. Why don’t Doraemon wear Shoes?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vignette

Doraemon does not wear shoes. The viewer’s opinion that the entering the house without taking off the shoes is strange was received by the program. In order to respond to that opinion, a setting was added so that the foot would not get soiled as it floated 3 mm in a hurry.

After that, when Suneo tried to roll Doraemon when launching a banana on the way, Doraemon floated 3 mm, so the scene was born that it did not fall.



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